L-Amino Acid Bio-Fertilizers • 100% Organic and Natural Fuego

Amino acids are linked together by peptide bonds (co-NH) forming a polypeptide chain, which is the building block of protein.

In addition to this role amino acids when freed of the bond serve as precursors to many important small molecular compounds, including nucleotides*, porphyrins, parts of lipid molecules, several co-enzymes and other Biomolecules.

*Nucleotides-Ester of Nucleoside and phosphoric acid, structural unit of nucleic acid contains sugar, purine and pyrimidine.

As an alternative energy source, amino acids can be degraded in ways that regenerate ATP from Adenosine Diphosphate=ADP or Adenosine Monophosphate=AMP.

Unique Process L-Amino Acid

The unique process Grow More employs in manufacturing Fuego amino acids insures the highest activity. Grow More uses the process of enzyme hydrolysis to precisely cleave the peptide bonds of proteins to release free L-amino acids. The alternative method employed or short cut method uses the acid hydrolysis process, which results in the non-selective break of peptide bonds along with larger protein pieces and polypeptides, this results in incomplete and partial release of L-amino acids. Acid hydrolysis also partially destroys the indole ring of tryptophan, and causes the loss of ammonia from glutamic and asparagine.

This may seem insignificant until one considers that tryptophan biodegrades (by soil microbes) to Indole Acetic Acid, a root growth hormone; Adenine converts to cytokinin a phytohormone. Furthermore only the organic form of Nitrogen- Ammonia is incorporated into the key metabolic pathways of biosynthesis.

Finally acid hydrolysis converts many of the natural occurring amino acid compounds to the D-amino form, which is less active and desirable for use as bio-fertilizer. When plants are under stress due to the demands of increasing yields or environmental conditions such as disease, poor soil or drought, they are less able to absorb mineral nutrients.

Their ability to synthesize their own L-amino acids through thousands of chemical reactions is diminished. In these situations supplemental application of Fuego can significantly reduce the energy drawn on the plants metabolism by contributing a readily available source of L-amino acids.

FUEGO is offered inb several different products, which provide the following benefits:

- Enhanced Cell Division.

- Stimulate Chlorophyll Biosynthesis.

- Retard Plant Senescence

- Increase Yield and Quality


Foliar formula made with L-amino acids micronutrients and enzymes is rapidly absorbed by the surfaces of leaves and translocated within the plant to enhance general vigor, photosynthesis capacity, increase plant tolerance to environmental pests and disease stress.


Total Organic Nitrogen - 6%

Amino Acid - 16%

Peptides - 16%

Total Organic Carbon - 16%

Density - 1.13

pH - 4.0


Use 3 to 4 lbs. per acre (2 to 4 Kgs per hectare) three times during the growing season.